Re: Need help with grandfather's name change and birthplace (Maramoros?) #austria-czech #hungary #names

Valentin Lupu

Marilyn , Hag Pesach Sameach,
The town name is Vonihove (in Ukraine now). It was known as Vanif in Yiddish or Vajnag in Czeck . Before WWI it was a Check territory in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is located in  Maromorosh (Hungarian) / Maramures (Romanian) , a Sub- Carpathian region. The town is located north of Sighet (Elie Wiesel's birth town).
I found  many entries for Engelman / Engel in this town during the period you mentioned.
 - Josef who was born to Engel Hersh and Rivka in Dec 1881.
- Probably the same couple had many children registered as Engelman. The first child Jacob was born in 1863.
The last registered child, born in 1895, was Freidl.
- The father Hersh died in 1892.
This family could be related to you but I am not sure about.
Stay safe and healthy, keep  Covid19 away.
Valentin Lupu

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