Re: Need help with grandfather's name change and birthplace (Maramoros?) #austria-czech #hungary #names

Marilyn Weinman

-- Happy  Passover Valentin ! 
Thank you so much for this information.

This could possibly be the correct family,because I know my Grandfather was one of many children,and one of the youngest being that he had a brother that was close to 20 years older ! The one thing that doesn't make sense is that the final child was born in 1895,but according to what you've said, the father Hersh, passed in in 1892...maybe mom had a boyfriend,but decided to keep the last  name of the other children.

I  will definitely look into this family, now that I know the name of the town ! Thanks again and be safe and stay healthy too. As an aside, where do you live in Israel ?? We've been twice and fell in love immediately with the entire country and people ! Hope to get back at least one more time in the future :)
Marilyn Weinman

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