Re: How to learn if an immigrant received US citizenship? #usa

Lee Jaffe

I'm assuming from your note that the person in your case was an adult at the time he immigrated, since you don't mention parents or other family. I think the case gets more complicated if someone immigrated as minor child, or a wife.  It's usually the father as the titular head of household who would apply for naturalization on behalf of himself and his spouse and all the children who were minors on arrival. 

I have the naturalization petitions for two of my great grandfathers. The first was filed in a Memphis criminal court in 1892 and does not include names or details about any of his dependents (or much able himself for that matter). Yet his son,  my grandfather, was able to use it to prove his naturalization when he applied for a passport in the 1950s. 

In the second case, 20 years later, my maternal great grandfather, filing in federal court, listed each dependent on his application, plus arrival information. It seems there is a clearer paper trail for naturalization as time went on and the process got more standardized nationwide. However, I want to note that my great grandmother still  didn't get her own passport, but was included on her husband's.

Lee Jaffe
Joroff/Koshkin -- Shchors/Snovsk

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