Leiser REISEN> Louis Reisen or Raisch or Resin Missing Brother #usa #ukraine #russia


Leiser Reisen was born about 1875 in Russia>Ukraine, immigrated to New York from Poltava Gub (Priluki or Pereyaslav) in 1899.  Married Sara Krawitz in 1906. In his marriage record, his mother is listed as Beile Lodin and father is Samuel Resin.  His mother had children with another father, last name being Kanower > Cohen and she later remarried Polonetzki.  He is not the Louis Reisen in NY who is from Romania and shows up in searches.

I am having difficulty finding him after 1906.

Can anyone help me find this elusive ancestral brother?
Any help, suggestions, etc would be greatly appreciated.
Robin August

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