Private Tour Guides in Vienna #austria-czech


Dear AustriaCzech SIG:

I am planning a trip to Vienna this July. I would like to visit the places where my mother
and her family lived and worked. Since these may not be where tourists would go, I
would feel more comfortable walking or riding with a guide. I speak very little German.
The places I would like to visit are the Cafe Schottering (now closed) and the buildings
next to it, Zentral Friedhof, the Prater (Riesenrad and Lilliputbahn), Hintere
Zollamtsstrasse, Fleishmarkt, Hugo Bettauer Plaza, Hotel Sacher and the wasserwiese.
How does one find a reliable tour guide? I want to stay at the Hilton Am Stadt as it is
on the site where the Grossmarkthalle used to be. My grandparents had a dried meat
stall there.

Also are there any genealogy tours that go to Vienna? I lived in San Diego.

Thank you
Judy Schulman

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