Re: German "JUDEN UND DISSIDENT" baptism/christening certificates for Jews? #germany

Gerald and Margaret

There were also many "baptisms " for pragmatic reasons.  An aunt of mine has described to me how in the 1930s in E Hungary her father was denied promotion in a Bank until he and his family converted to the prevalent Christian denomination, Calvinism.  She  remembers that because she was over six years old, she had to attend an interview with a Rabbi to ensure that she was doing this willingly.  Her brother was too young for this, so his conversion was part of the family package.  For the next two terms, she had private tuition, “to indoctrinate her into Calvinism”.  She describes that this was effective, as she remained very committed to Calvinism until the events of 1944. 
There were also those in Nazi occupied areas who hoped they could avoid the increasing discrimination by having the piece of paper to show that they were legitimate Christians.

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