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"My cousin and I have been trying to find out more about our beloved great grandparents, Philip and Goldie Kaplan.... .."..>>

Hello, I see there is an extensive family tree on Ancestry that includes a branch for Philip and Goldie Kaplan. I've attached a brief family group sheet from that tree listing a potential father for Philip as Nachum Kaplan 1840-? and seems to infer that Malomet might have been Goldie's maiden name.

It also lists 4 of Philip and Goldie's children as: Sadie Kaplan Zeitz, Reba (Rebecca) Kaplan, Rose Kaplan Arkin and Sophia Kaplan. The tree itself gives 2-3 generations of descendants for each of the children and many records for each profile that would be too extensive to copy here. But if you have a membership to Ancestry, or can locate a library that might provide access, as I've heard many of them do, here is the link to that tree:

I would also be happy to send the owner of the Ancestry tree your email. Just let me know. But if the information I'm attaching sounds like the correct family, hopefully, it will at least provide some new names and dates for your research.


Karen Gregar Schneider,  Bolingbrook, Illinois

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