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I'd be careful Yale -  there are a few megillot yukhsin (the name cames from the talmud of an ancient source of genealogy so it was used often in Rabbinic geneology) There was one written by Rav Bodek a student of the Besht, there is one by Abraham Hirschprung for R Chaim Halberstam of Sanz and the Megillat Yukhsin of the Maharal written by his son in law, Rabbi Yitchak HaCohen and grandson, Rabbi Meir Perls.  It seems one of the later two was shown to be a fabrication by geneologist Avraham Epstein, but its unclear which based on what I've read. 

 I've attached an article that discusses the Maharal's Megillat Yuchsin as well as the text itself (one of two versions from

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I looked through Beilinsohn's "Shlume Emunei Israel" mentioned previously on this list and found that it includes extensions to genealogical data contained in an 1892 publication from Odessa called Kovetz Megillot Yochsin, or perhaps just Megillot Yuksin.

I don't know how far back it goes, but Beilinsohn's book starts with the sixth-generation of the descendants of the Maharal of Prague, and I infer it covers somewhat more than a century.  I would really like to see what it contains.  Does anyone know where a copy can be accessed?

As this is likely to be of general interest, please reply to the list.

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