Great grandfather not from northern Lithuania? #lithuania

Michele Lock

I have come across the marriage record of my great grandfather Abel Kalon's second marriage in Zeimelis, Lithuania in 1909. I know that their family also lived in Zagare and in Joniskis, all near the Lithuania/Latvia border, but I am puzzled why this great grandfather stated in the record that he (or his family) was from Krukovsky Volosts. When I googled this place name, it comes up as the estate of a Russian nobleman near Vitebsk in Belarus. 

Could this great grandfather be saying that his family, perhaps some generations earlier, came from Vitebsk? Or could it be that his family once lived on an estate in the northern part of Lithuania that was owned by the Krukovsky family? This is all rather puzzling to me.

Any info would be appreciated.

Michele Lock
Alexandria, VA

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