Re: Surnames and patronymics in Germany #germany #names

Corinna Woehrl

Dear Peter and all list-readers,

all the other people mentioned seem to have surnames. I just looked up: name adoption was „forced“ in Mainz from 1808 on, yet there have also been Jewish families in which a surname/„Geschlechtsname“ was used before.
You may use the name Gottlieb as an assumption for further research, but unless there isn’t a proof (this one mentioning in the death-certificate is no proof), I would keep my research broader.

Good luck and kind regards from Germany

Corinna (Woehrl nee Goslar) from Hoisdorf (Hamburg), Germany
Corinna Woehrl
Hoisdorf, Germany (between Hamburg and Luebeck)

researching mostly in Northern Germany
ROSENSTEIN (Neustadt am Ruebenberge, NaR)
WUERZBURG (Luebeck, Mecklenburg)
KARPEL (Lissa/Leszno, Breslau/Wroclaw)

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