MAIMON family from Rădăuţi Romania - but which Radauti ? (there are two) #romania

Carola Murray-Seegert

In beautifully clear handwriting on a 1906 passenger manifest, Jechil Maimon's last residence is identified as "Radauti, Roumania". He gives the same information (with the alternate spelling "Radautz, Romania") on his Declaration of Intent in Chicago in 1910.  
 My problem is that the JewishGen town finder identifies two places with this name - one, a village on the Prut River in the Dorohoi district,  the other a large city in the Bucovina district. A note on the locality page warns the researcher against confusing the two.
I see that the Bucovina district was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the end of WWI,  when it was ceded to Romania in the Treaty of Paris of 1919.  So am I correct in thinking that Jechil must have come from the shtetl in the Dorohoi district, as shown by the pre-WWI dates on his documents?  Or were there historic / cultural reasons why someone from the Austro-Hungarian city would have preferred to identify himself as Romanian?
What do you think, Romania experts?
Carola Murray-Seegert
Oberursel Germany
Researching MAIMON, CLEIN, TALMAGE (Raddauti & Iasi Romania, Philadelphia & Chicago USA) 

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