JewishGen Education offers New Couirse: Immigration Study Group April 17-May 3 #announcements #JewishGenUpdates

Nancy Holden

Mentored Study Group April 17 - May 3

This study group will be on IMMIGRATION: how did our ancestors get
from their shtetl/village/town (their last residence) to their final
destination? How did they travel from the port of departure to the
port of arrival?

This course is intended for students who love a mystery, are willing
to research a topic together and post their finds to the group. We
will start with your personal mystery. For example "How did the BEIER
family from Melitopol travel to Boulogne Sur Mer to sail on to the S.S.
Rotterdam embark at Hoboken and from there travel to New Britain, CT?"
Together we will map your ancestor's journey and learn the borders that
were crossed, which routes were viable, smugglers, border guards, and
the part taken by shipping companies.

Students must feel comfortable with computers, with database research
searches and with posting to the JewishGen private education forum.
Class is open 24/7. Cost is $50. for two weeks.
To Register:

For information, please email the instructor, Nancy Holden.
mail to: education@...

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