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Barbara L. Kornblau

Something else has changed re: the US Holocaust Museum and Yom Hashoah remembrance.... I live in the DC Metro area. Every year during the weak of Yom Hashoah, people go to the Museum to read names of victims of the holocaust. Most are given a list or names to read and some bring their own names. I go to the Museum every year with my list of family member victims and victim names of members of Jewishgen who have given me their family names over the years. All kinds of people would come to the museum to read victims names all week.
I contacted the museum and they said there is no provision to do that this year.... To me that doesn't comport with "Never Forget." My grandfather's first cousin died 2 days after liberation from Bergen-Belsen. A British soldier gave her a potato. She died with food in her stomach. It pains me to think of not honoring her and what she went through
I am thinking of maybe setting up a zoom meeting with friends and relatives to read the list of names so holocaust victims from friends and family, will not be forgotten this year. If you might be interested in reading your family names, please contact me....Maybe we can organize something for a group of us. Thank you and be well. 
Barbara L. Kornblau

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