Identifying mystery relatives #general


What is the best way (if there is one) do disseminate photos of anonymous people in the hope that someone will recognize a face or a place or even have another copy of the same image, with captions?


Posting in ViewMate is one way, but I suspect not many researchers visit it regularly.


Posting in Facebook Jewish Genealogy group reaches people only for a day or two.


Reversed image search on google, yandex, and tineye is possible, but most likely will be a waste of time as they don’t seem to index large photo collections.


Ideas are welcome.


There is an “anonymous” page on my web site, if anybody is interested, at


It is a mixture of my family photos and strangers from my collection. As I am organizing family albums in this forced downtime, more faces appear and more answers are needed.


Thank you all!   Boris Feldblyum


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