Finding the SHERESHEVSKI siblings #belarus #poland #lithuania #ukraine


I have recently found the death certificate of my great grand mother Guitel Shereshevski. She was born in Bialystok in 1857 from Jeshua Shereshevski (banker) and wife Chana. She died in 1934 in Danzig.The Shereshevski are a very large family (there is even a facebook group for that family). A person has linked Jeshua to a Shereshevski branch on an ancestry tree but is incapable of explaining the link to me. There are many siblings Henoch (also born in Byalistok) Hershel and Peshe Libby born in Grodno (Belarus), Ariel Leib, Ephraim (born in Prenai Lithuania), Rebecca and David. To complexify everything the names of their parents is not known. I would really like to know and find if Jeshua is linked with them and if my great grand mother Guitel had brothers and sisters. Her parents moved at some point to Ekaterinoslav where Guitel met my great grand father Chaim Bespalov. Could somebody give advice on how to proceed?

Best regards,  Catherine Jurovsky  <catherine.jurovsky@...>

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