Re: Discovered my grandmother owned land before the war, what now? #austria-czech #holocaust

Peninah Zilberman

Dear Moses Jefferson,


I have some peronal advise for you, in ref. to the land found

that belonged to your family in Slovakia.


You must  feel probably very happy to find out that your family

owned land, it shows that they belonged

To above middle class level.


However, I am about to suggest and hopefully you will not be disappointed

Or you might but I am going to save you a lot of money.


All eastern European countries have created rules that are limiting us

the descendants from obtaining the land back, basically they claim who paid

the property taxes?, you didn’t ?, therefore if you really want it back you will

spend  a fortune and might end without the land.


If you hire a lawyer, he will promise you a lot but, eventually he will keep asking

money and you will not move forward too much, it can take years.

My personal  suggestion is , if you plan a Family Roots Journey, go and visit the city,

Try to locate the piece of land, find out if there is a local person who can be a tour guide

And have him locate the land before you arrive.


After WW II, all Jewish Properties became the countries property, after Communism Regime,

people were able to  buy the land, in most cases who ever took care of the land maybe as a

farmer he bought the land.


Your guide might find, when he looks for the land that the local person who most likely owns it,

is going to react very upset and can be violent- sorry- they don’t like us to claim the land.


In conclusion, unfortunately, not too much success.

But if you can to go and visit that would be terrific to do such a Journey.


Best regards


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