Lost family from russia somewhere #latvia #lithuania #russia

Jon Ross

Dear Jewish Genners,

I guess being frustrated looking for information, coming up against a ‘brick wall’ is something that newcomers to the genealogy search, can expect....OR is just me ??
I'm looking for my paternal Grandfathers family by the name of Samuel Rosenberg.
My paternal grandfather is Samuel Rosenberg born approximately 1878 and died in 1923, who I believe was born and lived in Russia somewhere, before coming to England with his brother Maurice Rosenberg in the very early 1900’s.


According to family stories It is known that both brothers left Russia apparently one step ahead of the Cossacks leaving their family in Russia and came to London where they were taken in by the Jewish community and taught a trade before going their separate ways.


From family stories, I am led to believe that when they left Russia that they left behind a mother and sister and also that they had been living on a farm.  This was possibly Latvia or Lithuania but unfortunately, I am unaware of exactly which area my grandfather came from or where he lived prior to coming to England.


I am trying to find out more about their previous lives and family back in Russia

There are seem to be so many Sub – Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian towns in historical being that I'm unsure how to find what I'm looking for or even where to start with my quest!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Be well and Stay Safe in these difficult times.



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