Re: Lost family from russia somewhere #latvia #lithuania #russia




You did not write if you have exhausted absolutely all possible sources of information available to you in England.


For example, what is “Jewish community”?  A synagogue? Which one? Have you inquired if they had any records of interest to you?

Have you checked published sources, e.g. newspapers? There may be a 25 words news piece.

What is “taught a trade”? Which trade? Who taught? There may be a paper trail there.


Without knowing anything else about the family location, a reasonable assumption is that it would be Latvia (i.e. Courland) rather than Lithuania. However, Cossacks did not operated in Courland. They were a scourge in Russia and Ukraine. That is until World War I, when there were everywhere, as a part of the Russian Army. (butu you did not write the year your grandfather came to the UK).


Good luck.


Boris Feldblyum
FAST Genealogy Service

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