Re: Visas issued overseas (Riga, Latvia) in 1926 #latvia



So it sounds like my best bet would be to write to the National Archives at College Park and request a search.  Those files don't appear to be online.  And I wasn't able to find the House of Registers for Riga on FamilySearch.

Thanks,   Ellen. lnmp@...

On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 12:25 PM, Renée K. Carl wrote:
Hi Ellen
The records of the US Consulate for Riga are a robust set of records, though for reasons lost to time, more is available if your surname is at the beginning or end of the alphabet. The consular records are different than the documents for the Visa File that you sought from USCIS and that Marian responded to. I presented on the consular records to the Latvia Research Group at IAJGS in Cleveland. These records are at the National Archives, College Park.
National Archives, U.S. Consulate, Riga (organization description):
National Archives U.S. Consulate, Riga (records):

There is also the collection of House Registers for Riga, these are in browse mode at Family Search - Marion Wehle or Arlene Beare might be able to provide the link or additional information. Even if people staying in a house for a night or two, their names appear on these lists.

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