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Sheila Toffell

Hi Jon,
where in England is the major thing. Do you know if it was the East End of London? if so, it is possible they were taught their trades by the Jewish Board of Guardians.  this is a section from a Wiki on the org at   where there is a lot more info.

Education, Apprenticeships and Employment[edit]

The Jewish Board of Guardians main aim was to create a self-supporting class. They focused on education and apprenticing the future generations to stop them becoming impoverished. "The work committee acted in conjunction with the loans committee and became the industrial committee in 1872."[27] The Board aimed to provide apprenticeships for boys and girls.

Laurie Magnus states that, "Following the loans of sewing machines the industrial committee used this money to accomplish 2 main purposes:

  1. Loan of tools and implements to carpenters, cabinet makers, show-makers, printers, book-binders and other mechanics on the same basis as the on which the loans of sewing-machines to tailors and umbrella makers had hitherto conducted.
  2. Giving security for tailors and mechanics to enable them to obtain work from warehouses and workshops."[27]

"In 1903 a ladies sub-committee was enacted which focused on the apprenticeship of girls".[28] The Board considered education one of its main aims, to create an educated class and to keep skilled workers in long-term employment.

Jewish Board of Guardians apprenticeships [29]

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