Re: Discovered my grandmother owned land before the war, what now? #austria-czech #holocaust

Jim M

My family comes from Kamenna Poruba, a town near Zilina in Slovakia.   My brothers and I visited the town in 2017 and arranged a meeting with the  mayor.   He told us that our great-great-grandmother, Julia Millichova in their records, was the last known owner of a plot of farmland outside town.   She died in 1925.  The land had been collectivized in the 1950's.  Our guide (and translator) took us to one of the fields on the edge of town, where we touched our past.   All we brought back was a picture of me running my hands through the soil.

We have made no steps regarding ownership and don't plan to.   The experience was enough.

Jim Milch
pursuing MILCH, HAAS, and SPECHTER  near Rajec, Solvakia.

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