Re: Discovered my grandmother owned land before the war, what now? #austria-czech #holocaust


I hope I am not duplicating information already given by others. Joch is indeed a measure of land :
[One joch is the area of a square 40 klafters (about 83 yards) on a side. This comes to 0.5755 hectare or about 1.422 acres. The plural is joche. Joch is also the word for a yoke in German, so this unit represents an area that could be plowed in a day by a yoke of oxen.]
So your grandmother had 43 Joch of arable land a meadow  - that is the meaning of "Ackerfeld und Wiese" in German. In German all nouns, not only proper names, are written with the first letter capitalized. (Please note how important it is to get the spelling correct when you are doing this kind of research:  the name of the town and the word "Wiese" were not spelled correctly in your message but luckily you attached the original document.)
Sorry to be a bit like a teacher (which I have been, among other things...).

Others have dealt with Mihalany CSR. ...  

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