Correction to ViewMate translation request - Yiddish, from Holocaust Survivors #galicia

Connie Malone

I have been informed the writing in ViewMate 34087 is Hebrew, not
Yiddish. In any case, I don't know either, translation would be appreciated.

I wrote, on 5 Jun 2014..."I've posted a vital record in Yiddish for which I
need a translation. It is on ViewMate 34087 at the following address:

Provided by their granddaughter in Israel, this precious handwritten page
is >from my granduncle's "prayer book." Mordechai GRAU and Ester GERAU
were Holocaust survivors. I believe he and/or his wife Ester, or their
daughter, wrote of their family losses and events during the years 1920 -
1958, including his sister, my grandmother's death in November 1957,
Henny (aka Anna). The family lived in Berhomet, Czernowitz, Romania,
when they were deported to Mogilev Concentration Camp, Transnistria.
After the war, the family settled in Haifa, Israel.

Please respond privately or via the form provided in the ViewMate
application. A full or partial translation would be appreciated. The
handwriting is faded and difficult to read, but I can try to send you a
somewhat clearer version my cousin provided me."

Connie Malone
La Mesa, San Diego, California

ZWIEBACK (Vienna, Austria; Kuty, Stanislawow, Poland/Ukraine; Israel);
GRAU (Kuty, Poland/Ukraine; Berhomet, Romania; Israel; USA);
SENDER/SANDER (Kuty, Stanislawow, Poland/Ukraine; USA); OREN (Israel);
MINSTER (Kuty, Poland /Ukraine); ZVIRBLIS (London, England; Lithuania);
STOLASKA (London, England). And all variant spellings.

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