Jarden Bookstore Krakow #poland

Fay Bussgang

The Jarden Bookstore in Krakow, treasured by many of you on travels to Poland, has been hard hit by the Corona virus and is threatened with closure. Erica Lehrer, professor at Concordia University in Montreal and an expert on Polish-Jewish folk art and other Polish-Jewish topics, is running a campaign to help save the bookstore.  All contributions to help would be greatly appreciated. Her letter is below. 

Fay Bussgang
Dedham, MA

Hello Friends!
I hope this email finds you well in these terrible times.
I have never organized a fundraiser before. But the Jarden Jewish Bookshop, a tiny, big-hearted bookshop in Kraków, Poland run by non-Jews Zdzisław and Lucyna Leś, has meant so very much to me in both personal and professional terms, for almost 30 years. I could not sit by and let COVID-19 take them without a fight. 
Please read my call and watch the videos on the Go Fund Me page I set up, help if you can, and pass the link along to others who care about cultural pluralism, books, neighborhood institutions, intercultural dialogue, engaging with difficult histories, and - not least - Poland's profound, embattled Jewish heritage.
With my sincere thanks,


Erica Lehrer -- Concordia University 
Professor, History and Sociology-Anthropology
Director, Curating and Public Scholarship Lab (CaPSL)


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