Re: 2020 US Census, post census thoughts #general

Lin Mor

Glad people pointed out that the information from previous censuses do contain genealogical data in various amounts, an unintentional but welcome side effect for genealogists. Also, the main purpose was to determine representation in the House of Representatives  A couple of thoughts:

1. The census form did ask from where your family came from. I noted Eastern Europe for myself and Western and Southern Europe for my husband. That information, gathered from all people in our country, will show the where present residents immigrated from. This is not specific genealogical information, of course, but it will be useful in other fields. 

2. In the United States the record is permanent. My cousin in Canada, daughter of Holocaust survivors, had an option on their last census, 2011, to "be forgotten" or some similar wording. Not sure what that means in terms of storing the information gathered. I believe she was concerned that the information identified her and her family as Jewish and past experiences made it important that such a distinction not be on the record. 

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