Re: 2020 US Census, post census thoughts #general

Sarah L Meyer

I agree that the genealogical value of the census, was not the purpose.  The purpose is and was to determine the population size so as to properly distribute the number of representatives to the US House of Representatives.   The census has many other uses, that we can't see because we only work with old ones.  It is the statistical information that is used now.  However, since we DO use it, and it will have some value for future generations - if only to locate us 72 years from now, it would be helpful to have additional questions asked.  My daughter said that she has done the communities survey in the past.  I have never done one. I wish that it had at least asked occupation - that would be useful today as well.  It is possible that some people simply have not had the time to respond, if they work at an essential job.  That is why occupation would be helpful.

Sarah L Meyer,  Georgetown TX   <sarahlmeyer@...>

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