Re: Moltovichi, Belarus #belarus

Martha Forsyth

Let's hear it for having spent a lot of time looking at old maps, and collecting scans of many of them!  Somewhere along the line, about 5 years ago, I came across a map of the Mogilev region.  I stupidly did NOT annotate where I found it....but I save a pdf file from it that is named "32 Mogilev gubernia 1871 -q" (the -q is my way of putting a question mark into a file name: I was not quite sure of the date).  Since the record that led you to the town name Molotovichi (an 1816 Census record) also included the towns of Cherikov and Krichev, we figured the three towns must not have been far apart.  So I enlarged the map enough to read the town names....and sure enough, there was a town named Malyatichi that makes a nice little triangle with Cherikov and Krichev!  I think I've found the place!  I am replying publicly because I think it's good to be reminded that maps are a wonderful resource (and fortunately I can read the Cyrillic)

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