At a dead end: searching for the siblings of Oskar Wurzel #poland


Oskar Wurzel was born in May, 1893, in Poland.
According to his daughter, he was born in Tarnow, and according to his death certificate from Gusen (a subcamp of Mauthausen), he was born in Gorlice.

Tarnow is where he grew up. His parents were called Abraham Wurzel and Sure Fenig. He studied at a yeshiva in Tarnow and was planning to become a rabbi.
Instead, he unexpectedly became atheist. This was not accepted by his parents, and he left Tarnow for Kolozsvar, nowadays called Cluj, in Romania. He worked his way up and had his own hotel and also started a factory there. In 1919, he married Erszebet Fulop, and they had two children in the 1920's in Cluj. Eszebet left him in 1929, and later, Oskar married for a second time, with a woman called Boriska.

In May 1944, Oskar and Boriska were sent to the ghetto of Cluj. From there, they were deported to Auschwitz, where Boriska was gassed upon arrival. Oskar was transferred to Gusen, where he died in September 1944. 

I have been searching for his siblings for a very long time, but the search remains fruitless. I hope perhaps somebody might be able to help.

The Netherlands

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