Accessing Record of Leipzig, Germany #germany

Mark Halpern

I am interested in tracking my great uncle, Josef TENENBAUM, in Leipzig, Germany. The question I have is what records can I access for Leipzig. I am interested in when Josef and his wife arrived in Leipzig, any children born to the couple there, and his death record/certificate from 1915. 

Josef TENENBAUM recte GRUNSEID was born in 1874 in Tarnopol. He was married in Lwow in 1899 to Chaje SAPHIR recte TEITELBAUM, who was born in Tarnopol in 1875. No children of this couple are found in Lwow or any other Galician town. Josef's 1915 death in Leipzig is recorded in 1917 in Tarnopol (#448 here

My theory is that Josef and his wife moved to Leipzig soon after marriage, where he lived, had children, and worked until his death on 28 September 1915 in Leipzig at (I think) Eutritzscher strasse #7, his home address. 

Would like to know if Leipzig births for 1900-1915 survived and where to find them. Same for 1915 deaths. Also would like to know when Josef arrived in Leipzig if that is possible. 

Thank you and stay safe everyone.

Mark Halpern
Sheltering in place in Conshohocken, PA, USA

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