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Leiser/Leizer is a male name. It’s a short form of Eliezer. But he could have used any name in the “new world."

Cerne and Breine/Bryna are female names. No equivilants. My secular name is Barbara, but my religious name is Breindel (a diminutive of Brina. But I, my cousin Bina, and another cousin Ruth all have the religious name Breindel.

Barbara Mannlein
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On Apr 20, 2020, at 4:20 PM, Marilyn Weinman <marilynweinman@...> wrote:
In looking over documents and letters from a brother of my Grandfather, I've noticed what i believe are names of children, biut I'm not sure if these are male or female names, or if they're even names at all !!
The words, that appear to be names are Leiser,Cerne,and Breine
Can someone please help me with this, and also if they are names, are there English, or American equivalents.

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