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Lynn Franklin

On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 06:41 AM, JOSEPH GODELNIK wrote:
Hi, my name is Yossi Godelnik and I am working on my mother family tree - Ginzburg. I try to find relatives of my mother - hunt Rachel (Rochel, Rychel) Levinsky - Ginzburg. Rachel ginzburg was born at April 15, 1885 in Jerusalem to Shmuel Yosef Ginzburg. She married to Levinsky, I think he was Rabbi, and immigrate with him to USA at early 20th century (I think 1909). I know for sure that they have a son and might be they have also a daughter. Around 1950 she came back (alone) to Israel and stay in Bnei Brak (she was very religious women). She died on 2.2.1979. I will appreciate to find more details about her family.


I've found more, including someone else in the US researching this family.  Her name is Michelle Levan, and I shared your post with her.  Hopefully, she'll get my message and decide to respond, and will be able to figure out how to do so.

I found a record of Michael Levensky's death in Chicago in 1939.  I'll attach the transcription to this post.  Also, a birth record for a son Aaron Joshua Levensky, who may correspond, or not, with Gilbert.  I'll attach this record also.  I found a copy of the Levensky family entering the US from Canada in 1912, but no children older than Esther.  I will try to attach this also.

I sure hope that this is the family you're looking for.


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