New to the Gesher Galicia Map Room: Debica 1849 Cadastral Map! #galicia

Pamela Weisberger

Gesher Galicia announces the addition of a new cadastral map to the
Gesher Galicia Cadastral Map Room:

"Debica Town Cadastral Map 1849"

A complete full-color lithographed cadastral map of the town of Debica
(Dembica, Dembitz, Debica), >from 1849. Land parcels and houses are
all clearly numbered; redline manuscript revisions show changes >from
the 1849 edition intended for a later update. The map includes both
masonry and wooden buildings, a market square, two synagogues and
a large church complex, plus a Jewish and a Catholic cemetery. This
map depicts the town before its boom period in the latter half of the
19th century, when it became a crossroads on Imperial rail lines
connecting Lwow, Krakow, and Sandomierz. Images for this map were
provided to Gesher Galicia by the Archiwum Panstwowe w Przemyslu.

Direct link:

Today, Debica is a town in southeastern Poland with 46,693 inhabitants,
the capital of Debica County and since 1999 it has been situated in the
Podkarpackie Voivodeship; it had previously been in the Tarnow
Voivodeship. The town is part of the Kolbuszowa Region Research Group
(KRRG) and there is a wealth of descriptive information on the town

Especially interesting, in light of what this map shows and the
historical background provided in the descriptive text, is the English
translation >from the Polish Geographical Dictionary (Slownik
Geograficzny Krolestwa Polskiego - Warsaw 1881) written 32 years
later, provided by William F. Hoffman:

Thanks to Gesher Galicia's Map Room coordinator, Jay Osborn, for
getting this new map online and to the Polish State Archives in
Przemsyl for their cooperation.

To view the entire map room collection go to:

and to read and FAQ on the history of cadastral maps in the
Austro-Hungarian Empire go to:

Read about our Cadastral Map & Landowner Records Project:

Even if you are not a Debica researcher, I urge you to take a tour of
this charming, pastel-colored 1849 incarnation of a shtetl by clicking
the map link above and zooming in to (virtually) stroll around its
streets and neighborhoods.

Pamela Weisberger
President, Gesher Galicia

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