Re: Unsure if these are names! #names

Valentin Lupu

Hi Marylin,
All three words are Ashkenazi Jewish names from Eastern Europe. Leiser (Leizer, Lazar)  is a shortened  form of the Hebrew name Eliezer. Cerne (Czerne Czarna) is a name of Slavic origin meaning Black. Examples of using this form are:  The renown Russian-born Hebrew poet Tchernichovski, the Infamous nuclear plant at Chernobyl, Czarnogora (Black Mountain) the local name of Montenegro and so on. Breine / Breina is the female Slavic name derived from Braun (German) translating to Brown.
A good reference book for the meaning and origin of Jewish names is "Jewish Family Names and Their Origins"  by Heinrich and Eva Guggenheimer.

Valentin Lupu,  Israel

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