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I have struggled to find what happened to the family of Sophia BLOOM (c.1835 Merthyr-1888 Stratford) who married Jacob ISAACS (c.1829 Preußen-1898 Brighton) in Cardiff in 1858.  The family lived for quite a while at 23 Spring Rd, Birmingham.  Sophia Issacs is buried in Birmingham (I have a low-resolution photo of her badly worn Gravestone). 
Jacob Isaacs is buried at Willesden & I manged to locate & photograph his gravestone.
Using the UK Censuses & the GRO Indexes I established that they had 8 children (all born in Newport, Wales), 5 of whom survived beyond infancy:
1-Mark Issacs-(1859-1940)
2-Isidore Isaacs (1861-?)
3-Eli Isaacs (c.1862-?)
4-Sarah Ellen (Nellie) Isaacs (1866-?)
5-Hinda/Hilda Isaacs (c.1867-?)
Here is all I've been able to discover this far:
Most importantly, parts of the family changed their surname to PARKER
Lets start with Sarah Ellen "Nellie" Isaacs who married Joseph MORRIS in London on 20 Feb 1889:
- appear to have had 3 kids all born in Camberwell:
1-Albert Charles Morris b.1889
2-Mabel Sophia Morris b.1889/1890
3-Edith Rebecca Morris b.1891/1892
Have been unable to go any further with this family grouping:   Isidore Isaacs: * Likely to have also changed surname to Parker
* There is an Isidore Stanley Parker buried at Rainham
Mark Isaacs:  * He definitely changed his surname to PARKER
* Mark was 1st married to Maud Constance Woolf (Whose sister, Flora Norma Woolf married Isaac Harris whose mother Hannah Deborah Bloom-Harris, was a sister of Sophia Bloom as mentioned at the start)
* Mark & Maud had a son: Claude MAUDSLEY John ISAACS b.1888
* Maud Woolf-Isaacs died in 1888
* Mark married Kate Woolf (Not a sibling of Maud) under the name of Mark PARKER , in 1893
* Mark & Kate are buried at Pound Lane & I have their gravestone photos
Claude MAUDSLEY John SAACS: * He also changed his surname to PARKER
* His middle names appear as John Maudsley & also as Maudsley John in different records
* He was in the Royal Navy/Airforce- 2 documents at Kew
* He is noted as a commercial clerk in the 1911 Census
* On 20 Mar 1928, he was found not guilty in the "House Coal Association Fraud Case"
* He appears to be the person who married Eileen Maud Reynolds Mackey in 1922
* He appears to be the person whose death was registered in Hammersmith in 1964
* These could possibly be 2 sons born before the marriage?
Births Mar 1912-Parker Richard Bertram , Mother Maiden Name:Mackey St.Giles 1b 1071
Births Jun 1920- Parker George H , Mother Maiden Name:Mackey Fulham 1a 689
With grateful thanks,   Joel Levy, London,  <scoobydoouk@...>

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