Re: Seeking 1940 ship name and manifest Lisbon to Mozambique Portugal Lourenço Marques #general

Yvonne Stern

You probably look for the spanish ship Salvador, sailing under
 the flag of Uruguay.  The passenger ship departed from Istanbul, Turkey on December 11th, 1940, carrying  327 passengers -Bulgarian Jewish refugees. 
She had a capacity for only 40 passengers.  The ship foundered in the 
Sea of Marmara on December 12th, 1940. with the loss of 204 passengersRead more at :
I´d also like to mention that Lorenzo Marques was the capital of  the 
Overseas Province of Mozambique before it  became independent from 
Portugal in 1975. Since then the capital  was renamed Maputo.
Regards from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil -  Yvonne Stern    <yvonne.stern17@...>

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