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Hello... I've been working on my genealogy on and off (mostly off) over the past 30 years.  Now that I'm back into it after at least eight years, I was very happy to discover so many searchable databases here on JewishGen.  Records from some countries have given me some amazing pieces of information.  While those in others (such as Romania) have been very disappointing.
My great grandfather was Isaac/Yitchak David, born about 1873 in Romania (probably Iasi or Peatra Neamt).  His parents were Shoyl Ber and Martem/Miriam David, who died around the turn of the 20th century.  Isaac/Yitzchak married Sarah Brener, born 1875, daughter of Moise and Raina Brener.  Isaac and Sara David had a child who died as an infant around 1896 (I believe that I have the child's death certificate, but I don't understand Romanian), and shortly thereafter, they emigrated to Montreal, and later to Boston. 
Isaac David (and his wife, Sarah Brener) had siblings who remained in Romania.  I know that one of Isaac's sisters was called Rebeka, who married a man whose last name was Marcovici or Marcovich.  They had several children, one of which was named Joseph.  We know that her children survived the war, as they were in touch with their American cousins through the 1950s. I believe that after the war they lived in Bucharest.  I would love to track down this Rebeka and her descendants.  Searchable records via the JewishGen databases have yielded nothing.  I have entered every name and combination of names, Hebrew and secular, as well as searched on and for possible tree matches.  I'm wondering if there are other resources for me?
Many Romanian Jews emigrated to Israel in the 1950s and 60s.  When I moved to Israel 20+ years ago, there was a service for finding lost relatives.  They were successful in helping me find some Brener relatives who moved here, but because I didn't know the given name of Rebeka's husband, there were too many possibilities to narrow the search for a Joseph Marcovich, son of Rebeka and Xxxxxx Marcovich.
Any ideas?
Steven Jonathan David,  Ramat Gan, Israel    <stevenjdavid@...>

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