Maiden name: Is it GUTMAN or SZTABINSKA #names

Marjorie Geiser

Hi all,
I'm trying to figure out if the maiden name for my 2nd g-grandmother is GUTMAN or SZTABINSKA, and could use some ideas/suggestions for searching.
Last year, thanks to Stanley Diamond of JRI-Poland, I was able to find a marriage record for my g-grandfather Isaac LEVINE/LEWIN and Sura ZYLBERNAGEL, in Warsaw, in 1897. In fact, in that record, I learned that Isaac's parents were (listed as) Mowsza Lejbka LEWIN and Fejga SZTABINSKA.
However, yesterday, while following hints on Ancestry, a name that kept coming up for Fejga was GUTMAN. In fact, I found a marriage record for Moszko Lejb LEWIN and Fejga GUTMAN, in Losice, Siedlce Gubernia, in 1858.
The dates fit, and the names are too close to be a coincidence. So, I think I have the right marriage record. However, other than an LDS film number (which I can't access while the Family History Centers are closed), I haven't been able to find anything that combines these two surnames, and I don't know who Fejga's parents were.
I tried doing various search combinations on both JewishGen and JRI-Poland, but am not coming up with anything different than these two records.
I'm GUESSING that perhaps SZTABINSKA MIGHT be her maiden name, and maybe she was married previously? But again, although I can find other Fejga GUTMANs and other Fejga SZTABINSKAa, I have no way to confirm if any are the right one without more info from her marriage record.
Thanks for any help or suggestions!
Margie Geiser
No Arizona, USA


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