Glückel of Hameln: Characterizing early modern Germany #germany

Michael Rubin

Hello friends - one silver lining of our current situation is the many virtual classes taking place online.  I'm bringing to your attention one such offering focusing on the milieu of Glückel of Hameln being offered by a historian of that period, over three Tuesday evenings, starting May 5th. Many of us who are lucky enough to find records back to that period are, nevertheless, left imagining what life was really like.  This short course can help.  

Reading Glikl:  Life Stories from a 17th-Century Jewish Working Mother
Glikl was one of the first women to write about the Jewish experience and provides a unique glimpse into European Jewish life around 1691. The book, originally written in Yiddish, has a new translation, published recently.   The class will be an intellectual book club of sorts, with participants reading some of the book prior to each meeting. Rachel Greenblatt will help to contextualize the information and further illustrate what else was going on in the world to give the writer that perspective.. Click here to register .
Note that the event takes place in the late afternoon Eastern US time (EDT).

When: May 5, 12, 19
Where: Register online for Zoom link.

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