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Alexander Sharon


Please refer to for clarification on Jewish communities definition

Why isn't my town in the JewishGen Communities Database?

The “JewishGen Communities Database” is a database of Jewish communities — places that had a synagogue, or a Jewish cemetery, etc.
It is not a database of all places where Jews have lived.
Smaller places appear only in the “JewishGen Gazetteer”.

The JewishGen Communities Database is primarily a database of JewishGen resources: Yizkor Book translations, KehilaLinks sites, JOWBR cemetery indexes, JGFF database entries, etc.
If your ancestral town does not appear in the Communities Database, we ask:

  • Have you created a KehilaLinks site for this town?
  • Have you translated a Yizkor Book or portion of a Yizkor Book (or a chapter from an encyclopedic work such as Pinkas HaKehillot) about your town?
  • Have you indexed this town's Jewish cemetery, or a landsmanshaft cemetery plot for this town, for JOWBR?


If you feel that your ancestral town should be included in the JewishGen Communities Database, please contact Warren Blatt.

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