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Sometime around 1920, my great grandparents Moishe and Basia Sherman, paid to be smuggled across the border from Ukraine to Romania. In Bucharest (the story goes), they received help from HIAS, who assisted in organizing a position for Moishe in Lipton, Canada, while his wife took their son to Germany for a special medical treatment before she joined them. 

In all the Passenger Declarations, Ship Manifests, and Border Crossing records, from Europe to Canada, and eventually to the US, the family wrote that they were Romainiam Nationals , born in Zastavna, Romania (actually, they were from Vinnytsia, Ukraine). We even found a Declaration of Intent when Basia applied for US citizenship, in which she disavows loyalty to the Romanian monarchy. 

Is there a way to find details of old travel documents used by passengers?

What about databases of refugees (and the documents that they were issued in order to travel and settle down)? 

I read an article from 1922 Bucharest in which Romania is accused of trying to expel all refugees, so I imagine the country wasn't so keen on issuing citizenship to the 1000s of homeless. 

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