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Mark Halpern

Hi Rene:

Aron Jankel is Mordchel's father. Gersz is Freida Dwora's father. 

When JRI-Poland first started the indexing in Bialystok, we had the indexer just provide names and patronymics. Later on, we asked for the father's and mother's names as well as any other names mentioned in the record. Somewhere in the future, we will update the short form index to the more fully extracted entry. For now, we have plenty of work indexing 1906-1919 births and 1906-1939 marriages and deaths. The last two years of each are not yet available for indexing, but are beyond the privacy law's embargo period.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Bialystok Area Coordinator

On 2020-04-24 9:02 am, Rene Eisner wrote:

I would like some help in understanding the Patronymics in this marriage record from Bialystok 1892.

SZEJN, Mordchel Aronowicz Jankelewicz  married WAJNER Freida Dwora Gerszowna.

Do the two names show the father and grandfather, of Mordchel?

Is Freida the daughter of Dwora, and daughter of Gerszow? Or is it Freida Dwora, daughter of Gerszow?

 Thank you in advance,  Rene Eisner  Melbourne, Vic, Australia.




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