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Lynn Franklin

Hi, my name is Yossi Godelnik and I am working on my mother family tree - Ginzburg. I try to find relatives of my mother - hunt Rachel (Rochel, Rychel) Levinsky - Ginzburg. Rachel ginzburg was born at April 15, 1885 in Jerusalem to Shmuel Yosef Ginzburg. She married to Levinsky, I think he was Rabbi, and immigrate with him to USA at early 20th century (I think 1909). I know for sure that they have a son and might be they have also a daughter. Around 1950 she came back (alone) to Israel and stay in Bnei Brak (she was very religious women). She died on 2.2.1979. I will appreciate to find more details about her family.

Yossi,  Yes, I have more information, though I tried to send you most of it.  If you will email me privately, I will send you copies of all of the documents.  I only see on my screen how to reply to the entire group or discard this message, and the moderators think that this would be better carried out just between the two of us.  Please reply to me at lafranklin1@..., and I'll have your email address to send this information too, including Michelle Levan's email.  She is Rachel's granddaughter, and would like to be in touch with you.

Looking forward to hearing from you,    Lynn   
Lynn Franklin <lafranklin1@...>

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