Re: Understanding a notice published in "Deutscher Reichsanzeige" #germany #translation


This is a public announcement of the couple's intention to have a separation of assets / Gütertrennung in their marriage. Today, at any rate, this is something done for tax purposes. It would mean that his asssests and acquisitions would be taxed separately from hers.

I would translate the text from the scan of the original as follows: Wongrowitz. Public Announcement



The merchant Wolff Hirsch Wolinski, living in Gollantsch, and his wife Pauline, née Elias, have excluded for their marriage in a contract dated 17 November 1879 the common holding of assets and acquisition. Registered on 3 December 1879 in accordance with the court order of 2 December 1879.


Wongrowitz, 2 December 1879

Wongrowitz. Bekanntmachung.


Der Handelsmann Wolff Hirsch Wolinski zu Gollantsch und dessen Ehefrau Pauline, geb. Elias, haben für ihre Ehe die Gemeinschaft sowohl des Vermögens als des Erwerbes durch Vertrag vom 17. November 1879 ausgeschlossen. Eingetragen zufolge Verfügung vom 2. Dezember 1879 am 3. Dezember 1879.


Wongrowitz, den 2. Dezember 1879.


Königliches Amtsgericht.

Royal Court

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