looking for my uncle, Satanovski (Czereniuk) MIKOLAJ, possibly from Stanislavov #galicia #poland #subcarpathia #ukraine


My name is Vitali Satanovski, and I am looking for my uncle, Satanovski (Czereniuk) MIKOLAJ.

My father, Satanovski Yakov, passed away in October, 2019. In his papers, I found his photograph in the Ukrainian traditional outfit. In the picture, he is approximately 3 years old. His older sister, Polina, told me, that my father and his brother, Mikolaj, were adopted by my grandparents, Satanovski Isaak (son of Gerstel) and Guralnik Anna (daughter of Peter) in 1940.

In 1940 my grandparents went to West Ukraine for a trip and in Stanislavov (presently Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine) were asked by their relatives to look after two orphans, my father Yakov (born 1936) and his older brother, Mikolaj (born possibly 1920-1925). In order to avoid possible problems, both boys were adopted, top government connections of my grandfather were involved.

As soon as WWII started, end of June 1941, my grandfather Isaak sent my grand grandmother Miriam, my grandmother Anna, my father Yakov, and my aunt Polina, from Kiev to Uzbekistan, Tashkent. My grandfather Isaak and my uncle Mikolaj left in Kiev. All attempts after WWII of my family to find any traces of the Isaak Satanovski and (?) Mikolaj Satanovski failed. Now I hope, that there is a possibility for Mikolaj to survive WWII under the name of Czereniuk and, I think, he may move to the UK, USA, Canada or Australia.

My grandmother Anna was born in Italy (Trieste), however, she studied at school in Vienna and she spoke perfect German with an Austrian accent. My aunt Polina told me that Mikolaj spoke some German with my grandmother, but very little Russian. Original birth certificates for my father and for Mikolaj were written not in Ukrainian or Russian, but in German or Polish. As adopted, they received new birth certificates written in Russian on the Satanovsky surname, however original birth certificates were left in their apartment in Kiev.

Any information and/or suggestions in regard to Mikolaj Satanovski/Czereniuk it will be highly appreciated.

Vitali Satanovski

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