SCHILD in Unna # germany

Mike Redel

Dear gersigs,

I hope that you could help me.

Siegmund Schild (parents Benjamin Schild und Hannchen Salberg in
Eimelrod (Frankenberg) was born 19.02.1858 in Wuennenberg (Bueren). He
was a painter in Unna and live in the Kaiserstreet. 07.12.1881 he
married in Unna Emilie Heymann (born 19.12.1850 in Unna). I know 2

Eugen was born 07.02.1883 in Unna, le lived in Weinheim and Frankfurt.
He married Rosa Würzburger.
Emilie (Emma) was Born 31.03.1884 in Unna, she lived in Köln. She was
deported to Minsk 1942.

I did not found Siegmund, Hannchen Heymann and Eugen in the german
Gedenkbuch. What is happened with them?


Mike Redel
Unna, germany

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