Re: looking for my uncle, Satanovski (Czereniuk) MIKOLAJ, possibly from Stanislavov #poland #galicia #subcarpathia #ukraine


Thank you, everyone, for your help!
The closest match, for now, is:
Czereniuk Mikolaj, born April 22, 1922, passed away February 11, 2004, from Jewish (?) settlement Zamosty (Poland before 1939)
Czereniuk (Shewchuk) Alexandria, born May 6, 1925, passed away March 13, 2006
Both came to Canada in 1950.
Buried at Victoria Lawn Cemetery, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
For regret, everything is closed for COVID-19 and we could not even attend cemetery.
My Google research did not show any children or great children. 
Any further information and/or suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Vitali Satanovski

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