Is Bischofsburg Ostpreußen in the Town Finder the same place as "Bischofsburg Koenigsberg" #poland #germany

Joyaa Antares

Hi Folks,
I hope the formatting of this message isn't too messy....
Is Bischofsburg Ostpreußen - which is listed in the JewishGen Town Finder - the same place as that in the screenshot "Bischofsburg Koenigsberg"?
The town in the town finder is also listed as "Biskupiec, Poland".   
However, does this link suggest that page suggest that "Bischofsburg Koenigsberg" is a region? 
(Please excuse the warping of the special characters in the link!)

Many thanks for your help.  
Joyaa ANTARES, Gold Coast, Queensland, AUSTRALIA
Researching GERSON and NEUMANN from Gumbinnen amongst many others.

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