Emigration from Hungary to Germany, c. 1900 #germany #hungary #subcarpathia

Carole Bass

My great-grandparents, Bernard A(c)kerman and Paulina Frits, emigrated separately from then-Hungary to Germany around 1900 (I think — possibly earlier). They lived in Sodingen, Germany (now part of Herne) for just a few years before coming to the U.S. in 1903.

My question: are there Hungarian emigration records that might provide more information? My German genealogy contacts told me Germany does not have records of immigrants from that time period. (Of course, if there are German records you can point me to, please do!)

What I do have already: birth records for Bernard in Benk, Hungary, and Pauline in Gelnica (now Slovakia). Their marriage record in Sodingen, and my grandmother's birth record, also in Sodingen. The family's ship manifest upon arrival in Baltimore in 1903. Bernard's U.S. naturalization records, and numerous other U.S records — census, etc.

Many thanks for any help you can offer.

Carole Bass   <bass.carole@...>

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