Re: genealogy forums in russian to overcome brick wall in research? #ukraine #russia


Trying genealogy forums in Russian is an excellent idea because English-based web sites like Ancestry and Myheritage have little to no information about Soviet Russia and other Soviet republics. Most participants in Russian language forums are as willing to help as those on JewishGen (of course, few pompous asses always come with the territory but they can be ignored).  For non-Russian speakers, if a question, a point, or an idea are expressed in short simple sentences, then the online translators will do pretty good job conveying the essence of a request.


Regarding Donetsk, it is still a war zone. Remember the Crimean Peninsula takeover by the Russians? The hostilities are still not over.  One unfortunate outcome of the war specifically for genealogists was that since 2014 the Russians terminated the access from Ukraine to social media sites based in Russia. So, a question posted on a “Russian” forum may not be visible to those who are physically in Ukraine.


If Lazar Yurovsky was an engineer, or a manager at a plant or a mine in Donbass and later in the Urals, he may be mentioned in one of the many books about Jewish contribution to the Soviet war efforts. These books were published mostly in Israel, but some in the USA and in Russia in the last 30 years.

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