Isaac MYERS/MOYERS b1829 Spittalfields, please can you help? #unitedkingdom

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This is my first post on the group and I would just like to start by saying thank you for accepting my membership request and hello to all of the group members.

I am trying to trace my family tree and recently discovered I have Jewish ancestry. I am fairly new to this and wondered if I might be able to ask for some advice please as I am a little bit lost? I wondered if someone might be able to tell me where I might need to go to find information about a person's parentage pre 1837 in the Jewish community please? I also wondered if anyone might have any tips as to finding out which synagogue my family may have gone to in around 1820 please? They lived in Frying Pan Alley, Artillery, Christchurch, Spittalfields, London, Middlesex.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Best wishes, Emma

For anyone that is interested in knowing more or who think they might share the same relatives, here is the information I have:

I am sure about my 3 x great grandfather Isaac Myers, a confectioner born 1858 in Wednesbury in the West Midlands. He married Louisa PALMER from Nottinghamshire in 1879 at Wednesbury. His father was Isaac Myers a confectioner and her father was George Palmer a confectioner. He died in 1949 in Montreal, Canada. I know that he was Jewish but I am not sure if his wife was and his children don't appear to be.

It is the parentage of his father that is a mystery, it also seems odd that Isaac called his son Isaac as I am told that people did not usually name a child after a living relative(?).
His father was Isaac MYERS (also sometimes written as MOYERS) who says he was born in Middlesex in the census returns, except for 1901 where he says he was born in Bethnal Green.

So my 4 x great grandfather Isaac Myers, a confectioner was born 1829 in Middlesex. I can't find his first marriage which must have been around 1847 or 1848 (it was not to Rebecca Costa in 1846 in Birmingham).
He married his 2nd wife Bestsy Julia Martin on the 16 Jul 1849 as a widow in West Bromwich. He was a confectioner. He says his father was Benjamin Myers a sealing wax maker. Betsy's  father, Jacob MARTIN, was a successful confectioner and came from Exeter in Devon. Betsy died in 1871. I think he may have learnt his trade from Jacob.

He married again in 1872 in Walsall, (a 49yr old widowed confectioner) to Sarah Ann Theaker (nee Ryley).  This time he says his father was called Isaac but his father's profession was the same as Benjamin's, a sealing wax maker. She died before 1878.

He married his 4th wife Margaret Clark 21 Oct 1878 (widowed confectioner) Walsall and again says his father was Isaac  Myers - sealing wax maker. She died in 1889.

2 different father's names. I am pretty sure it is the same Isaac Myers marrying all of these women as he, his children and Besty and Margaret's details fit with the corresponding census records.
He died in 1905 at the Union Workshouse, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton.

I have researched every Isaac Myers born 1829 +/- 10 years in Middlesex (all districts) and followed all of them through the census records around the country. The only Isaac Myers that seems to fit is from the 1841 census:
Registration district -Whitechapel, Subdistrict - Artillery, piece 710, book 13, Folio 45, Pg 19. 1 Frying Pan Alley.
Catherine Myers 1804 Fruitier (many fruiters were confectioners)
Jacob Myers 1826
Aaron Myers 1828
Isaac Myers 1829
Henry Myers 1835
Julia Myers 1838
Abraham Myers 1841

From later census returns I know Catherine was from Holland and her mother also a Myers was Sarah born around 1771 in Holland.

Looking at records relating to Catherine and her children the father's identity is even more confusing:

Her son Jacob seems to vanish after 1841 although he could be the Jacob who married Esther Solomons in 1849 in the St Luke district.
Her son Aaron seems to vanish after 1851 although he could be the Aaron who married either Yetta Adler, Esther Goodman, Jane Harris or Sarah Levy in 1850 in the St Luke district, but in the 1851 census he is not with her and is listed as unmarried so perhaps not the same Aaron.
Her son Isaac is detailed above. He says his father was Benjamin Myers or Isaac Myers - sealing wax maker
Her son Henry possibly marries Caroline Elizabeth Gare in 1855 in the St Luke district. In 1862 he is sentenced to 4 yrs Penal Servitude for stealing Bernard Dunn’s watch (pickpocket) aged 28. The Old Bailey records say he was Jewish, Married with 3 children. Labourer. Height 5’3”, complexion – fair, eyes – Hazel, hair – brown. Scars on left cheek, nose and right eyebrow. No tattoos. Slender. Name and residence of next of kin – Catherine Myers 2 Bell Lane, Spitalfields. I think 1 Frying Pan Alley was on the corner of Bell lane. If Caroline Gare was his wife (please see poor law removal order below) then  he says his father was Joseph on the marriage record.
Her daughter Julia's birth was registered. The address was Frying Pan Alley (consistant with 1841/1851/1861 census returns), the father is Jacob Myers, fruit dealer and the mother is Catherine Myers formally Myers. In 1861 she marries Henry Barnett both of Frying Pan Alley at the Great Synagogue. She says her father was Benjamin Myers disceased (this matches with Isaac's 2nd marriage). In 1861 Catherine is living near to her married daughter.
Her son Abraham likely married Matilda Boseman in 1862. Birth is registered as Bell lane, father Jacob Myers clothes dealer and mother Catherine Myers formerly Myers. I have not received his marriage certificate yet. 
The last record I can find relating to Catherine is a poor law removal order - . 1 Frying Pan Alley age 58 (born 1804 - matches census data for age and address). I think the order is for her daughter in law Caroline Myers, (Henry’s wife) and their 3 children as he is under sentence in Newgate Prison. Here Catherine says Henry is her son and that she married a Henry Myers about 30 years ago in Amsterdam, only she was in the UK before then as she had Jacob, Aaron and Isaac before that, although she could have gone back to Holland to get married. Maybe the Henry she mentions was Benjamin's brother?

So the prospective fathers given by her and her children are:

Candidate 1 - Benjamin Myers given as a father in the 2nd marriage of Isaac (sealing wax maker)  and also Julia.
Candidate 2 – Isaac Myers given as the father in Isaac’s 3rd and 4th marriages (sealing wax maker)
Candidate 3 – Jacob Myers, given on Julia and Abraham’s birth certificates
Candidate 4 – Joseph Myers, given on Henry’s wedding certificate 
Candidate 5 – Henry Myers, given by Catherine in the poor law removal order!!!

This is why I would really like some records that might relate to the parentage of Catherine's children so that I can verify that this Isaac 1829 is my Isaac that moves to the Midlands. I would also love to find out more about Catherine and Sarah's lives in the UK and also in Holland, like what was Sarah's name before marriage and who was her husband. I can also find no UK death registrations for them. Did Catherine go back to Holland after the poor law removal? Where did she marry and to whom!
As you can see this is very confusing!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

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